Our Eureka Moment.

…happened in 1998. We realised that PR services are polarised. At one end, big agencies are often unaffordable for start-ups or big firms with small budgets. At the other end, there is a growing pool of talented but hard to find freelance expertise that lacks the ability to scale. Neither service the demand for high impact, great value and adaptable communications services.

We bridge the gap. Our collective of independent, experienced consultants who all have spent more than 15 plus years working in-house, in-agency or in the media. Together we are a powerful, creative and results-focused team of communications experts.

Communications with purpose.

Our mission is to make you stand out in a crowded market whether that is launching your business, increasing your profile or changing perceptions.  

Injecting a burst of energy into your communications, we will ultimately help you to sell your products or services.

Redefining PR.

We are unlike any other PR agency you’ve ever met.

Technology has allowed us to reject the conventional office model, meaning that we are more agile and completely focused on doing great work for our clients.

Eurekans are the most experienced, diverse and creative collection of independent consultants that you’ll ever meet.

We thrive on challenges and collaborate continuously, sharing ideas and resources for each client and project.

Stand out communication.

Helping you to communicate your difference to customers and potential clients drives us.

It all starts with a great idea. We help you find your story and create a strategy that can be shared with media and influencers to reach the people you want to talk to.

Our Truths.

Question everything

Listen carefully

Set clear goals

Be ambitous

Work hard

Inject energy

Focus on results

Feed back & improve